50 In-House facilities and equipment's capable to conduct all manufacturing process from machining to shop testing.

Critical parts are machined by CNC and Machining Center to secure higher quality.

Uniform process and controlled procedure keep skilled machinists and operators assuring constant quality.
In-coming material should be taken in-process inspection before moved to next process.

All completed products are shipping out after shop inspection according to the latest API 598.

High Alloy castings are inspected by Liquid penetrate (PT) before final machining.

Cryogenic and Fire test facility are built in the factory for witness by 3rd party upon request.

Shop inspection and test meet most of Int'l Codes and requirements such as ASME, API, MSS, ISO, CE.

CMTR is issued for all products and accompanied with the goods.

C e r t i f i c a t e